Nelson Abraham Productions
Nelson Abraham Productions

Consultant & sparring partner in projects for adolescent target groups

 Advisor in projects for adolescent target groups

After being involved in hands-on projects with youngsters (special groups, from poor neighbourhoods), I now offer my knowledge and experience to (government) organizations that want to achieve the appropriate results with their projects.

Consultant & sparring partner in policy

As sparring partner and advisor I offer support in the strategic conditions of the policy. I know how funds can be used effectively and I will be the intermediate between your organization and the participants.

I can speak and understand both ‘languages’ and know how to create support for both parties, resulting in the best outcome for the project.

Nelson Abraham
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Youth projects involving sports and entertainment

My preference is to include sports and entertainment. It is my perception that youngsters can be easily motivated in these categories and therefore achieve the best results.  In particular meaning; music, dance, fashion, sports and acting.

As creative producer I have an extended network of supporting parties I can utilize for my projects directly. With my experience in branding I know how to promote a project in the best way possible. With my 20 years of experience on the streets and working with different organizations I know how to hit the right notes with all parties involved.

Examples of projects with adolescents

A relevant illustration of my work in this field  is what I do with the foundation Caribbean and Latin Jam.
Our focus is on professionalizing and promoting brass-bands in Europe. We include young people in this process to stimulate their development.

We do this by:

  • creating shows with (talented) young people, for them to obtain more experience and chances in the future
  • investing in creativity and potential of talented, motivated artists/youngsters
  • improving quality and skills of percussionists (technique and synchronicity)
  • developing a professional mindset and attitude. Work on discipline, presentation and communication
  • combine brass-bands with other music genres and entertainment, to ultimately present a divers show
  • building a network and establish contacts with key persons and organizations

This initiative is first implemented in The Netherlands and is now expanding globaly, with special focus on young people from social minority groups.